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Vista or XP?

If you are running XP there is absolutely no reason to upgrade to Vista. It looks, feels, runs like, and has the same functionality as XP.

As of right now, if you buy a new PC is will almost certainly have Vista installed. It's easy to get to grips with the new look, so don't be alarmed when you first start your new PC.

If you have a recent PC it is probably capable of running Vista without show-stopping issues. In any case you have to do some preparation in advance downloading drivers for your PC, assuming they exist. If you need some help with this, just contact us. But why bother upgrading at all?

Just remember that Microsoft and the entire distribution network make a lot of money from software upgrades, and it's in their interest to convince you of the advantages. Some upgrades made absolute sense, like the jump from 95/98 to XP. So far we see no compelling reasons to jump to Vista.


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